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You have three options for downloading MindModel.

You can choose any of the three, but one of them will be more convenient for you, depending on your situation.

Option #1 : For first-time MindModel users with fast Internet connections:

This option downloads the entire MindModel installer as one file. The file size is approximately 19 megabytes.

If you have a fast Internet connection (cable modem, ISDN, T1, etc.) and you are installing MindModel for the first time, Option #1 is for you.

Once you download the installer, you can run it to install MindModel, or copy it to another computer to install MindModel there.

to use Option #1, and download MindModel to your PC as one big installer file.

The installer will be named "MindModelSetup2195.EXE".

Option #2 : For dial-up (28.8K, 56K, etc.) modem users, or people who are updating to a new version of MindModel:

This option downloads an application (MindModelInstaller.exe, about 140K) that installs MindModel directly from our web site. While you run this application, you must remain connected to the Internet.

Choose "Run from current location" when given the choice by your web browser.

This application will install MindModel directly from our web site to your PC. That's why you must remain connected to the Internet while it's working.

If you are using this option and your download is interrupted, no problem. Just reconnect to the Internet and run the application again. The application will pick up where it left off.

to use Option #2, and install MindModel directly from our web site.

For people that have already installed MindModel and are updating to a newer version, this option will only download the files you need, often saving 90% of the time it takes to install with Option #1.

Option #3 : For people who have tried Option #1 and Option #2 and are having trouble downloading or installing MindModel:

For most people, Option #1 or Option #2 work perfectly. Some people, however, experience an error when trying to install MindModel.

The error message states that the file size of the installer is not correct.

The number of people who have experienced this error is too small so far for us to track down a solution, but we believe the problem results from a combination of software (browser, download manager, etc.) on the user's PC.

Anyhow, many people who experience this error find that Option #3 works for them.

NOTE: If none of these three options work for you, please contact us and we'll try to find a way to get the installer to you. Contacting us will also help us track down and solve this problem.

to use Option #3, and download MindModel to your PC as one big installer file.  

Registration entitles you to FREE technical support, via email ( or toll-free phone (866.MINDMODEL = 866.646.3663).

If you have ANY questions at all about installing or using MindModel, please don't hesitate to call us, 9am-5pm US EST. If you live in Canada or Europe and would like us to call you, send us email and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!

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